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Next Level Big Brother

Filed under : Webcams

I’m not a fan of reality TV but then again I’m not a fan of TV in general. Watching other people living daily life is one of the most fucked up things I have ever heard of. The Kardashians show is probably the epitome of that. How dull must your life be that you feel you can spend time sitting and watching other people live theirs.

And then Camarads rolled by me.

I remember watching some of the first reality TV show that ever hit the screens in my country called Big Brother. At first it was the fascination that this was actually a thing, that we could watch what other people were doing but it didn’t last long at all before I lost interest completely.

At Camarads the daily life stuff still does nothing for me but the sex scenes are pretty cool. Scenes really is not the right word, it’s just that these people don’

t give a shit that there are cameras in their home with live feed to the net, they are going to fuck anyways. I bet they get paid a pretty penny for it too.

Check out Camarads here.

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